What is dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a business arrangement and sales technique that can be a win/win for both the supplier (us) and the seller (you). 

Dropshipping simply means that the seller can market the suppliers products for sale and when they do make a sale, the supplier ships the item directly to the end consumer. 

This allows the seller to sell products without having to buy and hold the stock and it also allows the supplier to sell their products to a wider reach of people, increasing sales. It can be a great solution that works as a win/win business structure. 

How does it work?

Please read our in-depth dropshipping blog HERE. 

Our Products

We sell luxury branded products that are sought after. We have a large range of products that is constantly being added to. We receive new stock weekly and this is added to the website as soon as possible. This means you will have access to constant new stock without having to buy and hold it before selling. 

Two Purchase Options 

This means that we now have two ways in which you can purchase from us: 

1. Purchase our stock through the website, adhering to the minimum order quantity rules. 

2. Utilise our dropshipping method and order our products when you sell.